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Orbital Knight is a Polish independent game studio, focused on making high quality mobile games.


The beginnings

Orbital Knight was founded in 2012, first as Tabasco Interactive. Then rebranded to its actual name. In its beginnings, the studio consisted of polish game dev veterans and was in desire to develop Bruce the Game - a neo-noir, Blade Runner inspired platformer. But that didn’t work out. Yet, they’re still making games, why? While Bruce was developed, Karol Drzymała, a team leader at Bluesoft, mother company for Orbital Knight, decided to do a mobile game. Cut the long story short: it was good enough to take the risk and launch a second, mobile focused division. Later on Bruce was suspended, though the mobile one managed to make it through as Star Horizon. That’s how they came to be.

And then... magic happens!

Star Horizon was released in march 2014. It was a success. Featured by Apple and acclaimed to be one of the best looking mobile games. Few months later they launched a second title – Kickerinho. It was supposed to be a one off, short break, before they go into Star Horizon 2. That had to be reevaluated after Kickerinho's massive launch. To this date Kickerinho and it's sequel Kickerinho World were downloaded by over 10 milion people and managed to climb to no 1. spot in the App Store sports category in over 120 countries.

Mixing the future with the past...

The new company's name relates to the team closely - this is how they make games - blending the essence of old school ones with the novelty of mobile gaming and its possibilities to play.

To the future!

Right now Orbital Knight's core team is 16 knights. They’re working on a couple more games, scheduled to be announced soon!

Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Mobile Game nominee @ Game Connection Paris " - Star Horizon, 2013

  • "Top 5 in Indie Basement 2.0 awards" - Star Horizon, 2014

  • "Pixel Awards Nominee" - Kickerinho, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "Star Horizon stands on its own as a title that is well worth playing. The visual splendor alone would be more than enough to justify the purchase"
    - Blake Grundman, 148 Apps

  • "Star Horizon is a fiery and fitting tribute the likes of Afterburner and Starfox"
    - Alex Beech, App Spy

  • "Star Horizon is a slick pulse-raising arcade shooter that evokes many of the best sci-fi space battles in recent cinematic and TV history."
    - John Mundy, Pocket Gamer

  • "Star Horizon is a an amazing ride that takes you back to classic arcade shooters like Starfox."
    - Kate, Apps Rumors